Writing Territory, Territory Unwritten

writing territories

Seeding ideas
somewhere in dream earth

they grow into the trees
that my hands touch
grow into the children
from the dream earth
saying give birth to me
into your writing territory

the territory where there
are no borders
only the deep ocean
that you might not be able to breathe
in if you dive too far
or the sky you can’t move in
due to gravity and a lack of wings

Hands, feet what do they do
do you know in the womb
before you walk on the earth
or are they mysteries

I dig for my identity
in the myths, in the stories
in the dream of the earth’s birth

Evolving, into the writer
Who dreams of the hands and feet
formed in the clay on the mountain
seeing the story woven in the field

there is no territory you can’t
dream even the ocean deep
or the sky high
flying in the dream sky
I throw up the ashes of grief
For the seed of the story
And I dream….

writing territory 2

© June Perkins all rights reserved, words and images



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