Heavy rain falls to ground
Puddles forming all around
Trickles begin, same with life
Journey start’s to experience joy, strife.

Moving forward, as a baby crawls
Overcoming obstacles, even some falls
Building in size, growing stronger
Now a stream, a trickle no longer.

Flowing free, picking up pace
Stay the course; life’s not a race
Decisions made, are your choices
Don’t listen to negative voices.

Youthful rapids slash through life’s canyons
Wild foaming fury thundering like cannons
Not to be tamed at this point in time
Rushing through, no stopping traveling blind.

Bristling through forests, giving life to others
Birds, fish, animals, suckling young mothers
Entering new phase’s, growing wider
Negotiating bends, becoming wiser.

Subdued, now joined by a tributary
Together, heading to your destiny
Through vibrant cities, river life goes on
Its beauty embraced in many a song.

This old river’s seen death, life and fools
Those caught in never-ending whirlpools
A wrong decision, you suffer your fate
Spending time behind a locked gate.

Your time, nearing its end
Not far, around the next bend
Started as a trickle, now a river so grand
Admired, respected all over this land.

Ending life’s tale so very near
Always, someone will shed a tear
At last the ocean, flowing soon to cease
Finishing this journey, forever now at peace.

© David J Delaney


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