Life into Orbit

New life is born, a natural force
explodes the sky in slivers of light.
A star treads gingerly upon its course
laid down through centuries, across the night

Revolving close to baby is moon –
shine mother, part of orbiting realm.
Magnetic hold, it pulls from the womb,
new father worried, watching the helm.

Of spaceship landing upon strange ground,
“now what to do?” Unknown is the way.
They’re guided by instinct, completely love – bound,
amazed at the nucleus, changing each day.

Multiple planets spiral in from the void,
the sphere is expanding, encompassing lure.
Heaven’s creation, forms a power and joy,
magnificent feeling from which there’s no cure

Position of cosmos, arrangement so fine,
in perfect alignment for this little soul,
His family proud to compare all the time,
whose spirit he’s like, this half or that whole?

Amazing one atom can change an old world,
vibrations of energy, spirits unfold.
From molecule matter, they shine like love’s pearls,
strung throughout the universe, stories so old.

© Tara Webster



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