Extract from the Night Before Christmas


The night sky draped itself over the nearby mountainside like a dark luminous blanket. The moon, a thumbnail tonight, transformed hidden sunlight to moonbeams from its surface and sent them dancing over the darkened landscape. The stars glittered overhead, tiny pinpricks looking as if some ancient hand had sewn them into the blanket millennia ago.

As she sat gazing into this rich tapestry, she dreamed of and wished for a time not so long ago when the world was at peace.

Watching the moonlight dance along the treetops she saw a beam of light shoot quickly overhead.

A shooting star, she thought, perhaps I can wish this world away after all.

Just as she was about to close her eyes to make a wish for better times, the light beam made a sudden change in direction. She blinked. It changed direction again, darted directly up then paused a little before spiralling downwards and exploding in a great blaze of flames in the nearby hills.
Finn sighed and shook her head. No shooting star…of course, how silly of her to think it in the first place. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Focusing all her energy on her farsight, she forced her vision from the captivity of her physical being and zoomed quickly to the hills she knew so well. She had trekked across those hills maybe a hundred times or more during the past three years, delivering supplies, taking refugees, taking refuge herself. There wasn’t one inch of those hills Finn didn’t know.

© Despina Parakas


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