Nights reign almost over
Golden rays creeping over land
Releasing life from darkness
Tall trees first feel heat
Warm sun reaching crevices damp
Furry animals peek from burrows
Birds stretch wings, greeting dawn
Cocooned flowers awakening
Blossoming colours penetrating foliage
Myriad of perfumes fill misty air
Soft breezes carry, tantalizing senses
Droplets of jewels on intricate webs
Moisture thick trickles from leaves
Crickets creaking echoes within
Whip-bird sounds of cracking branches
Sticky vines curl along brown trunks
Flowing water on endless journey
Babbling, bubbling over mossy rocks
Forest sounds, loud, reverberating all
Vibrant life, mesmerising, addictive
Till night reigns once again.

© David Delaney

climb the tree...

(c) Image Trees, June Perkins



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