Extracts from Into Orbit

You can read all of these poems on this site, look at the pages down the side and choose the one you wish to read.

All copyright of the works belongs to the authors, copyright of the collection/concept to Licuala Writers group. Click on the author/title under the poem to read the whole poem or extract of story.

Short Stories coming soon.

Extracts from Into Orbit

It was one of those lucid
You know where you were
One small step for Man moments
When smells sounds touch and taste
Are forever imprinted
One giant leap for Mankind
© Alan Webb, Summer of 69.

The night’s delight
It is so bright
It gave me a fright.
© Sandon, Moon

New life is born, a natural force
explodes the sky in slivers of light.
A star treads gingerly upon its course
laid down through centuries, across the night
© Tara Webster, Life into Orbit

Hellos circle stars and moon
Humanity searches for a cocoon
Whilst the child soldier hides in the wheat.
The tide is moving to the global heart beat.
© June Perkins, Hellos in Space.

From a distance it begins,
A blinding light bursting forth and,
Stars, a river of stars flowing through,
Darkness and passing over the hand.
© Niloofar Davidson, Evanescent Soul.

My eyes are like orbits
The bone around my eye is called the orbit.
© Shinji, Into Orbit

Ellie: “Tomorrow for the table test, I want to be the very best.”
Mum: ‘I’m busy with a painting of a woman gently fainting.
Ask Daddy Egbert – he’s the family expert.’
Ellie: “Help, Daddy Corbett – Mum’s away in orbit!”
© Pam Galeano, Homework at the Corbetts’ This one will be up soon.

What if you saw the Southern Cross running around the sun like a cherry bun?
What if the stars were playing soccer with the earth like people?
© Sandon, What If/Constellation.

There is no territory you can’t
dream even the ocean deep
or the sky high
flying in the dream sky
© June Perkins, Written Territory/Unwritten Territory

Flowing water on endless journey
Babbling, bubbling over mossy rocks
Forest sounds, loud, reverberating all
Vibrant life, mesmerising, addictive
Till night reigns once again.
© Dave Delaney, Cycle.

A star winks out for now, and then
we begin to descend,
the creamy white orb is still shining through
a pale pink sky
© Niloofar Davidson, Flying out Moon Down.

She was flying alone, yet not alone. Surrounded by power she could not begin to fathom. Racing along invisible paths to places never seen.
© Danielle Stephens, Awakening

Would you really melt away?
Would you really start to sway?

If you close your eyes
Will they open again?
© Sheridan, Orbiting the Sun

They gather to watch the sun spirits hide
They count down to 6 minutes and 31 seconds of darkness
The solar eclipse attracts the human tide.
© June Perkins, Eclipse.

For an amber sun I made a circle
And refrained from spending money
By rendering the solar orb
With a dab of blue gum honey.
© David Perkins, Food for Thought

All packed–ready to go.
Why, we could move to another galaxy
and not even crack a flowerpot.
© Patricia Shafer, Moving On.

Why do we circle round and round;
ever moving,
ever chasing,
ever distanced,
through a million passing moments…

© Linzie Moore, Why?.

Do we help those who in orbit fall
Do we really care for all
Do we help them rise and grow
Or is it just ourselves we only know?

© Jean Vallianos, Are We in Orbit?.

The stars glittered overhead, tiny pinpricks looking as if some ancient hand had sewn them into the blanket millennia ago. As she sat gazing into this rich tapestry, she dreamed of and wished for a time not so long ago when the world was at peace.

© Despina Parakas, Extract from the Night Before Christmas

a thing of beauty
dependant on the earth, the sun, the sky
but the sun set and forgot to rise
the ginger waited with its drooping head
© Lydia Valeriano, Ornamental Ginger

in the drift of a spiralling arm
of a milky galaxy
that’s just a tiny drip
of an oceanic universe.

© Sally Moroney, Sometimes.


One comment

  1. My head is spinning
    But I am grinning
    I read the poetry.
    My responsibilities are not
    In my train of thought
    And now I’m in orbit!

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