Press Release

The Licuala Writers are nervously but excitedly revving up for their first public performances of work usually shared with other members of their writing group.

Original songs, pieces on motherhood, homework, stars, the moon, writing territories, the cosmos, prologues to fantasy novels, have all been created in response to the Into
Orbit theme.

Submissions from Netherlands, Africa, Brisbane, Melbourne, Innisfail as well as from local Indigenous writers and keen young writers in the area have come in.

Some of the work submitted will be on display in the library in the week following the reading, as well as on our website,

Light refreshments will be available at the conclusion of the event.

Anyone still wishing to contribute work for the event please contact us on September 12th at the latest. Licuala writers meet September 12 in final preparation for the word event, at C4 Mission Beach 1-3pm new members welcome to support us in a rehearsal, discussion of our event.

Various sponsors have assisted us with printing, advertising and catering, and these include Tully Welding, Andrew Cripps, Sabi solutions, Gumbootspearlz, Vallianos, Pam Galeano, & Sally Moroney. We thank the library and the local council for permission to stage the event in the library.

Into Orbit kicks off at 10am at the Dorothy Jones Library Saturday 19th September 2009.


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